terms and conditions

1. By using the hashtag #curiouscameraclub on Instagram, you are consenting to The Curious Camera Club sharing your photograph on the @thecuriouscameraclub Instagram feed, on http://www.thecuriouscameraclub.com, and in the printed Curious Camera Club magazine.

2. As the photographer, you retain all rights to your photograph. You will ALWAYS be credited as the photographer and owner of the photograph, and where possible we will additionally endeavour to direct viewers to your personal Instagram page if we share your image.

3. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A “PHOTOGRAPHER” TO ENJOY OUR CONTENT. Membership is in no way compulsory, but by becoming a member, you are helping to support our community. Members are eligible for the perks as advertised on our website.

4. We will endeavour to host London meet ups on a monthly basis, generally on a Sunday. A minimum basic membership is required to receive an invite to The Curious Camera Club meet ups. Obviously, attendance is not mandatory, but is very much encouraged, as it is the best way for us to build a real-world community.

5. Meet ups may be rescheduled if circumstances arise beyond our reasonable control.

6. Memberships are non-refundable, but there is no obligation to renew at the end of the annual period.

7. Promotional codes will be emailed to members on request to enable the advertised members’ discount on products and services sold on http://www.thecuriouscameraclub.com. Please request a promotional code before attempting to make online purchases, as refunds may not be completed later.

8. We do not guarantee which edition of the magazine publication you will be featured in during your membership (if you are a Gold or Pro member). The magazine will be published quarterly, and your feature will therefore appear in a non-specified one out of the four editions published during your current membership period. We will endeavour to be as flexible as possible if there is a specified reason why a particular edition is preferred.

9. If your membership option includes an Instagram takeover on @thecuriouscameraclub, this opportunity will be discussed to take place at a mutually convenient time to both parties. You will not receive any administration rights to @thecuriouscameraclub. Your photographs, captions and chosen hashtags will be submitted to the team to be published on your behalf at the agreed time.

10. We will take all reasonable precautions to keep your personal data private and secure. We will never willingly share any of your personal information with third-parties without your prior consent.

11. All members of The Curious Camera Club will have their Instagram name listed in our Members’ Directory, which will be published both on http://www.thecuriouscameraclub.com (as a clickable link direct to the members’ Instagram profile) and within the published magazine. If you would like to opt out of this promotion, please contact us to withdraw your consent.

12. Gold and Pro members are eligible for a feature page on http://www.thecuriouscameraclub.com for the duration of your Gold or Pro membership. If you would like to take advantage of this option, please contact us to arrange by emailing thecuriouscameraclub@outlook.com, or use the contact form available on http://www.thecuriouscameraclub.com. We reserve the right to edit the information you provide in order to fit the design, aesthetic and ethos of the website. A pre-publication copy of your feature will be emailed to you prior to publication, and we will not publish your finalised feature without your consent.

13. If at any point during your membership you wish to amend or withdraw your feature, please contact us to arrange by emailing thecuriouscameraclub@outlook.com, or use the contact form available on http://www.thecuriouscameraclub.com.

14. Pro Members will have one edition of each of the four quarterly magazines published during their Pro membership period delivered automatically to the mailing address they provided during registration. If you wish to have your magazines delivered to an alternative address, please contact us by emailing thecuriouscameraclub@outlook.com, or use the contact form available on http://www.thecuriouscameraclub.com.

15. The “exclusive events” listed as a Pro Member perk are subject to circumstances. We hope that The Curious Camera Club will grow into London’s best and most popular Street Photography Collective, and we are confidently ambitious that we can expand our catalogue of events as we grow. Without obligation, Pro members will be actively encouraged to get involved with additional projects to grow our community, which will simultaneously potentially help to boost their own profiles.

15. Payments are taken externally through PayPal for your security. We do not have access to your payment information directly. Please see PayPal’s terms and conditions for information about how they handle your personal and financial data. We cannot be held responsible for any issues that occur outside of http://www.thecuriouscameraclub.com. All external links are clicked at your own risk.