Gold Member Feature: @nickg_photo_mcr

NICK GEE is a documentary and street photographer based in Manchester, UK. He specialises in 35mm film photography. Follow him on Instagram: @nickg_photo_mcr

The Curious Camera Club is proud to introduce NICK GEE (@nickg_photo_mcr) through this Gold Member Feature. As with all our features, we hope that you will visit his Instagram page and go show some <3. And we are very much looking forward to seeing his beautiful photography in print as part of Issue 1 of CURIOUS magazine, available to buy from June 1 2019.

I’ve been really interested in photography for 6 or 7 years now. Before that I’d always dabbled in taking rubbish holiday snaps on my phone without any thought to what I was shooting.

Some people are naturally gifted at photography – I’m not one of those people! I have no eye for composition, light or colour so find myself really having to think about what I’m shooting. Not being artistic in any way shape or form, I’m always amazed when I take a shot that I’m happy with. I keep a set of rules in my camera bag that I refer to, to keep me focussed and to stop me slipping back into bad habits. This seems to work for me.

I’ve always had an interest in people and my surroundings which is why I’ve been drawn to a documentary style of photography. I discovered early on that for me to get the photograph that I really wanted I’d have to engage with the people that I was shooting, luckily for me I find this part easy. Not only does this help me get the shot that I want but also the stories that go with them.

I moved away from shooting digital at the beginning of 2018 and now I only shoot 35mm film. I found that with digital I was too trigger happy and without any real focus. Shooting film has slowed me down, I need to apply a degree of thought to every shot I take. I always carry 2 cameras with me, one loaded with black and white and the other with colour film although I predominantly shoot black and white. I develop all my black and white film at home which I really enjoy. Shooting film has helped me become a better photographer.

I’m proud to be a supporter of The Curious Camera Club. The supportive nature of the team and the followers attracted me initially, bloody good photographers inspiring each other with none of the snobbery that you sometimes find when photographers get together.


The Curious Camera Club would like to extend our sincere thanks to Nick for his support to our community. We are very proud to be able to promote his work and share his story. If you would also like the opportunity to be a featured member of the Curious Camera Club through pledging your support, please head over to our membership pages by clicking here

Whether you are a paid member or not, we would also like to thank every one of you for helping this community to grow. We love to hear your stories, help you out with all your street photography questions, and share your photography talents with the world. Stay Curious!

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