Ready for something new? From Friday 3rd May 2019, being featured on @thecuriouscameraclub is going to get even more exciting!

We’ve really loved our Daily Feature competition, and for the past 15 weeks, we’ve shared some awesome photographs from some really inspiring photographers.

You may have read about the upcoming changes to Instagram – that the platform is determined to focus on content over likes. And we’re down with that. It seems like the perfect opportunity to mix up what we do, and try to find even better ways of promoting our community members.

SO: keep tagging those photographs with #curiouscameraclub (some of you are still using #THEcuriouscameraclub instead, but we’ll be honest and say that we are starting to phase out checking that one).

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from now on, we will be introducing new “PORTFOLIO POSTS”. These are stack posts accompanied by mini bio-captions, showcasing individual followers of The Curious Camera Club that we believe have some consistently great accounts that you should all be following too. These features are selected by invitation only, so if you’d like to be featured in one, keep taking those amazing photographs and participate in our community as much as possible to fall under our radar, and maybe a DM will wing its way to you and you’ll be one of our future Portfolio Posts 🙂

Every Monday-Thursday, we will run an event similar to our previous Daily Feature competition, except for now, we will not be running a Feature of the Week competition. We trialled a new system for selecting a Feature of the Week, but it has not been as successful as we had hoped. Therefore, everybody who is selected as a Daily Feature will now automatically earn a place in the dedicated Daily Feature gallery on thecuriouscameraclub.com. Lap up that kudos!

Keep hashtagging your amazing street photographs with #curiouscameraclub, and remember to support all the amazing community members’ features!

Stay Curious, and go show some <3