Feature of the Week 1

Lady Newspaper – @riccardo_vee

The first week of our Daily Feature competition is over, and the Curious Camera Club are proud to announce the first ever winner, @riccardo_vee !

We absolutely loved this photograph, and it was our pleasure to showcase it on our Instagram. It seems like everybody agreed – this photograph accumulated a whopping 794 likes during its qualifying period.

I started playing around with cameras at the age of 13 and I believe I took my first shots not long after that, using my parents’ ‘110 Instamatic’, a film P&S manufactured by Kodak in the early 1980s.

After moving to Australia from my native country Italy in 2014, I started walking around with a Polaroid 600. Then, I bought my first 35mm film camera, a Canon TL QL, to shoot mainly around the streets of Melbourne.

More recently, a colleague of mine lent me her Canon EOS 30D. My passion for street photography and urban scenes has since then become deeper and deeper. To the point that I can’t wait for the weekend or to have a bit of free time to escape reality and dive deep into that world, where my creative mind and moody soul zone fully in for a couple of hours.

Thank you to The Curious Camera Club for choosing one of my photos for the competition.

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