Feature of the Week 9

Feature of the Week 9

Congratulations to the winner of Feature of the Week for week 9, @lefilographe

This gorgeous photograph was liked an amazing 5,453 times during its qualifying period on The Curious Camera Club’s Instagram page (@thecuriouscameraclub). As always, we were very proud to feature such a beautiful photograph, and extend our warmest congratulations to our worthy winner. Well done, @lefilographe !

As with all our Feature of the Week winners, look forward to seeing this feature in the upcoming issue of C U R I O U S magazine, as well as lots more exclusive articles, profiles, advice and features, contributed by a range of talented creators with a passion for photography. Available from June 1 2019.

I have always loved images. Weirdly enough, I never imagined myself as a photographer though. I purchased a Fujifilm X100F in October 2018 as my first camera; trying to catch up since.

I use photography as a means to see the world as my spirit whispers it to my cornea – as a way of becoming more human by observing other humans, from near and far, alternatively contemplating and stepping into their universes; as a path to represent my own lights and shadows, as a support of my life’s vision, as an act of philosophy.

I hunt my surroundings trying to find strong poetic moments, in a style that I am still looking for.

I am enjoying the process as much as the love, the energy and the inspiration coming from other (street) photographers and entities like The Curious Camera Club.

Many thanks for the opportunity. Many thanks for the love.


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