Feature of the Week 7

Feature of the Week 7

Congratulations to our Week 7 Daily Feature competition winner, @darren__whelan!

We were very proud to promote his photograph, which was liked 2,337 times during its qualifying period on The Curious Camera Club’s Instagram page (@thecuriouscameraclub). A very worthy winner of Feature of the Week – well done, @darren__whelan!

As with all our Feature of the Week winners, look forward to seeing this feature in the upcoming issue of C U R I O U S magazine, as well as lots more exclusive articles, profiles, advice and features, contributed by a range of talented creators with a passion for photography. Available from June 1 2019.

The first time I picked up a camera was when a friend was emigrating the country and offloading some gear. I jumped at the opportunity as I wanted something to capture moments for an upcoming trip. 2 years later and the camera was gathering dust until I took it out one day and started snapping random images on the street. It was only later that I discovered what I was doing was called street photography and I was hooked. 
These days my weapon of choice is the Fuji X-T20, it’s small, discreet and I often go unnoticed. It’s the fear, adrenalin and spontaneity that’s keeps me coming back for more. The fact that you can return to the same area at a different time of day and come away with a completely different image keeps it fresh and exciting.
My philosophy on the streets is capture what you find interesting. I probably go against the norm or the tradition of street photography as I am generally not interested in capturing unique characters. What appeals to me is how a person interacts with their surroundings. I often obscure their faces if it doesn’t add to the frame. 
I would like to say a huge thank you to the team at the Curious Camera Club for the feature. It is a huge honour and I really appreciate the platform.


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