Feature of the Week 6

Feature of the Week 6

Feature of the Week Photographer @serena_gahr

Congratulations to this week’s Daily Feature competition winner, @serena_gahr !

This stunning capture accumulated 3,118 likes on The Curious Camera Club’s Instagram page (@thecuriouscameraclub) during its qualifying period, and has now been crowned as Feature of the Week. Congratulations, @serena_gahr!

Since I was a child, photography was always part of my world. This passion was handed down by my father. I started studying at the CSF Ansel Adams school in Rome last year.

I focussed on street art because I find it the perfect way to freeze the moment, respecting at the same time the intimacy of the people.

That’s why I chose a Fuji XT20 for shooting… A small and light machine, suitable for capturing moments around the city.

I thank the Curious Camera Club for this feature. I am really happy and honoured by the opportunity you gave me!!!


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