Feature of the Week 5

Feature of the Week 5

Massive congratulations to our Daily Feature competition winner for Week 5: the very awesome @deadbeat.disco .

This beautiful photo accumulated a well-deserved 3,708 likes during its qualifying period. We’re so happy that our #curiouscameraclub hashtag is being used on photographs of this calibre. Congratulations on becoming our Feature of the Week!

I’ve always been interested in photography but only began exploring street photography in the last three or four years. I quickly realised that this is where my photography passion lies and I very soon became hooked on the buzz of being out on the streets, capturing interesting people and moments.

Street photography has broadened my horizons in so many ways. At present, I shoot with a Fujifilm X100T and I have met and engaged with so many fascinating people – all conversations and connections that I may never have experienced if not for my photography.

Thank you to The Curious Camera Club for this feature. It is an honour to be among such talented and inspirational photographers.


Visit this talented creator’s Instagram page to offer your congratulations and support their photography by clicking here.

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