Feature of the Week 15

Feature of the Week 15

Congratulations to @ari55, our Feature of the Week for Week 15!

This gorgeous photograph received 4,647 likes during during its qualifying period on The Curious Camera Club’s Instagram page (@thecuriouscameraclub). As always, we were very proud to feature such a cool photograph, and extend our warmest congratulations to @ari55 for capturing such a romantic image from London transport. Great work!

@ari55 will have their photograph featured in issue 2 of C U R I O U S magazine, available for purchase from September 1 2019. Feature of the Week winners for weeks 1- 12 will be featured in issue 1, due for publication on June 1 2019. Look forward to seeing all these, as well as lots more exclusive articles, profiles, advice and features, contributed by a range of talented creators with a passion for photography.

Even though I always seemed to have some interest in photography, my passion for it properly developed 8 years ago when I downloaded the Instagram app, not really knowing what it was all about.

After sussing it out and loving the whole concept I began taking photos on a daily basis exclusively with my trusty iPhone. As I am completely self taught, years of learning and improving began. I went through many different and experimental styles of photography but fairly early on, I realised that I was mostly attracted to street photography.

After getting my Fuji camera a couple of years ago, I became more confident about getting closer to my subjects. I live in the heart of London (Soho), and I can’t think of a better place and mixture of people to photograph if you’re into street photography. For me, taking a candid photograph is pretty much a split second decision and it gives me a particular buzz. I definitely feel that I’m still learning and hope that the feeling never goes away as it’s pushing me and challenging me.

I feel very chuffed to have been one of the British Airways photo competition winners in 2015, which subsequently led to my photograph being displayed on Piccadilly Circus’ famous neon sign, as well as all over London Underground. Also, a couple of my photos will be published by Trope in London Edition coffee table book later this month (May 2019).

Thank you Curious Camera Club for recognising what I do and featuring me!


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