Feature of the Week 14

Feature of the Week 14

Congratulations to @mistercassidy, week 14’s Feature of the Week on The Curious Camera Club!

This awesome photograph received 4,839 likes during during its qualifying period on The Curious Camera Club’s Instagram page (@thecuriouscameraclub). As always, we were very proud to feature such a cool photograph, and extend our warmest congratulations to our worthy winner. Well done, @mistercassidy!

@mistercassidy will have their photograph featured in issue 2 of C U R I O U S magazine, available for purchase from September 1 2019. Feature of the Week winners for weeks 1- 12 will be featured in issue 1, due for publication on June 1 2019. Look forward to seeing all these, as well as lots more exclusive articles, profiles, advice and features, contributed by a range of talented creators with a passion for photography.

I’ve been taking pictures on and off, half-heartedly for the past 20 years or so but it’s only in the past year that I’ve starting putting more thought in to the process. Being self-taught it’s easy to miss some essential concepts so having had some class time at the London Institute of Photography has really helped move things along. 

Being a visual designer by day I think comes through in my photography which has a graphic style to it as I tend to use a lot of lines and blocks of colour, pattern or contrast in my composition. You could probably loosely call it street photography but I don’t tend to get too close – preferring to isolate subjects and to let the urban landscape come into the frame.

I don’t get a lot of time to get out as I’m so busy during the week with work but on the weekends you can often find me weaving through the streets of London.

Thanks for featuring my photo 🙂


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