Feature of the Week 10

Feature of the Week 10

Congratulations to @sumdrifter, whose photograph is week ten’s official Feature of the Week!

This stunning photograph was liked an incredible 9,734 times during its qualifying period on The Curious Camera Club’s Instagram page (@thecuriouscameraclub). As always, we were very proud to feature such a beautiful photograph, and extend our warmest congratulations to our worthy winner. Well done, @sumdrifter !

As with all our Feature of the Week winners, look forward to seeing this feature in the upcoming issue of C U R I O U S magazine, as well as lots more exclusive articles, profiles, advice and features, contributed by a range of talented creators with a passion for photography. Available from June 1 2019.

Candid street photography is something that just kind of fell into my lap. I’ve always been the artistic type and before my obsession with street photography I’ve had many other outlets for art. Career wise I’ve always been a chef and worked in New York City for almost 10 years in the kitchen but I kept artistic hobbies on the side such as illustration, music and now photography.

Shooting photos came to me while I was travelling around Asia a year ago and I decided to buy my first camera which was a Fujifilm XT20. I started taking photos for memories but naturally found myself so intrigued by hitting the streets and documenting life while searching for characters. It was like a game to me that had always existed but I never knew how to play until I got my camera. Since then, every day has been a different experience, progressing and learning new styles and exploring different compositions.

And for platforms such as The Curious Camera Club to be able to share the work of many talented artists out there is really special. Thanks for the interest and the opportunity!


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