about the club

The Curious Camera Club was founded by three Instagram friends with one simple aim: world domination. After a while, they realised that it might be more sensible to set a less-ambitious target, so they had a rethink, and decided to build a London-based Street Photography Collective first.

World domination would come later.


The legal stuff: All images featured on thecuriouscameraclub.com, @thecuriouscameraclub and within the Curious magazine publication are for editorial purposes only. The objective of The Curious Camera Club is to build a community of photographers, who share a passion for street photography, through articles and stories. The accompanying images are classified as fine art photography, and are included for editorial purposes. The subjects of each fine art photograph are in no way affiliated with The Curious Camera Club, and there is no suggestion of endorsement of either The Curious Camera Club nor any specific photographer. The Curious Camera Club is not affliated with any recognisable product or person within the editorial photography. These photographs may not be reproduced without the permission of the photographer, nor may they be used for commercial purposes. The Curious Camera Club encourages photographers to seek model releases of subjects wherever possible. We pledge to the best of our ability to never publish editorial images that may appear offensive, and it is our policy to swiftly remove any images which may violate this policy.