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I’m not a morning person. Or a people person. I’m probably barely even human. Especially not before my morning coffee. Apparently though, not being human isn’t as much of a life setback as you may think – Dior is using a CGI Instagram influencer as a model in its latest beauty campaign. You read that right. We’re at a point in history where computer-generated supermodels exist. There is literally no hope left as far as beauty standards go. I might as well go the opposite extreme, and participate in Januhairy. I seem to have inadvertently been pretty successful during Movember.

I’ve been trying to educate myself on copyright laws this week, which has been as thrilling as it sounds. I know it’s hard to believe, because I’m obviously so super-professional, but I’ve never owned a website before. And after a decade of being an active netizen, it turns out that I didn’t know very much at all about what you legally can and can’t use without explicit permission. I have a feeling that this website may end up filled with a load of quick sketches to accompany my musings, to save myself some cash/avoid being sued. Backpack Kid and Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air are both suing the makers of Fortnite for plagiarising their “signature dance moves”. Turk from Scrubs thinks it’s pretty awesome that they’ve plagiarised his. Everyone should be more like Turk. Until they are, enjoy my hasty sketches.

Like 20 seconds kinda hasty

To break up the adrenaline rush of researching copyright laws, it was important to procrastinate a little, and read up on the important news of the week, just to ground me and avoid me becoming delirious… like Brighton and Hove City Council clearly are, as they have decided to teach primary school children that “all genders have periods”, and are recommending that “bins used for period products are provided in all toilets”. There are now apparently 24 gender options available, with the option to “choose as many as you want”. One of the options is “in the middle of boy and girl”, which sounds less like a gender option, and more like a search on Pornhub. Click here for the full article from (link opens in new window).

Meanwhile, over on the BBC News website, it’s been reported that Disney movies are now being used as a punishment, as a Missouri deer hunter has been sentenced to watch Bambi at least once per month during his year-long jail sentence for poaching. I am going to sentence myself to Disney movies as a punishment for everything from now on. Right after I go copyright some dance moves so I can get in on this suing Fortnite thing.

Love from London,

Kate x

7 thoughts on “coffee thoughts 1

  1. Cruel punishment, I feel pity for that guy, couldn’t stand even one single dose of it 😦

    On a serious note: when learning about copyright law, pay attention to the difference in usage between ‘editorial’ and ‘commercial’. This site – most of its pages, at least – qualify as ‘editorial’ hence many images can appear on much of your web space without requiring model releases.

    I’m sure you’ve already covered that – or will soon learn it and figure how to use it.


  2. Gives me a laugh first thing in the morning. 😁 Seriously, I believe Copyright laws (or any laws) are only as good as the solicitor hired by either side. Just because you are without the law doesn’t mean someone won’t fight about it & that means $’ssss. The world is a scary place these days.

    1. Somewhat annoyingly, if this wasn’t a photography blog, there’s an amazing selection of stock photographs available uncopyrighted through WordPress itself. If only things I actually needed were that easy to find haha

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